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I am the men's basketball coach at Memorial University.

Cairo: The Pyramids, Tutankhamun and Tahrir Sqaure

July 12 – July 16 When I realized that my trip to Tanzania would be routing through Cairo, I couldn’t help but take advantage and include an extended stayover during my return. The pyramids have always been a cause for … Continue reading

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Some Pics of Kilimanjaro

The route ahead On the Trail The things porters carry! Relaxing at Camp Set up for Breakfast Enjoying a morning tea The mountain and I Posing during an acclimatization walk at Shira Caves Campsite Getting closer to Kibo – the … Continue reading

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Taking on Mount Kilimanjaro – A worthy Foe

So I’ve returned from my battle with Africa’s largest mountain. Kilimanjaro has been described as a fairly moderate climb, with no technical skills required, and any somewhat fit person can get to the top. It has been also described as … Continue reading

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St. Constantine’s BBall Session and Maasai Village Tour

Saturday, July 2 2011 On Saturday I woke up feeling somewhat better. I took some of my ciprofaloxacin general antibiotic the night before, and that seems to have done the trick and settled my stomach down a bit. I had … Continue reading

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Arusha – Foothills of Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro

I used to watch a lot of black and white movies as a kid, and one that I remember is The Snows of kilimanjoro. Its a Gregory Peck movie and in it he is basically dying from a hunting accident … Continue reading

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An Update – Finally!! Camp 2 Complete

Hello Everybody, Finally getting a chance to update the blog. I apologize for not posting this past week. I actually got pretty ill on Monday, and it continuted throughout the week, and ended up going to bed pretty early most … Continue reading

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Last day of Boys Camp

Friday, June 24 2011 Had a good day to finish off the last day of camp. Got up early to pack my things for Zanzibar…and managed to get down to the IST early enough to get a workout in. We … Continue reading

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VP Tanzanian Basketball Federation makes a visit

Thursday, June 23 2011 Second last day of camp. Was a regular day, and the camp went well. The Vice President of Tanzanian basketball dropped by, Mgessa Phares, and took some time to speak to the group. Bahati had been … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts and Musings

Airconditioning is a Godsend. Would be extremely hard to sleep at night without it. And we are in the middle of Winter here! Over 30 degrees everyday. Little tiny ants everywhere. Barely noticeable. Crawl over everything. I hope they are … Continue reading

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Mid Week Update

Wednesday, June 22 2011 Three days of camp down. Things are going well and getting lots of positive feedback from the camp so far. I’m very impressed with how hard the kids are working, and how well they are listening, … Continue reading

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