First African Experience

Thursday June 16, 2011

Well…my first time in Africa!  At Cairo airport, just arrived 4:10pm local time (that’s 10:40am NL time).  I have a 5 hour stopover and take a second red eye at 10pm to Dar Es Salaam and arrive there at 5:30am tomorrow morning.   I left St. John’s last night on the red eye to Heathrow.   Was supposed to fly out at 10pm…but flight was delayed 1.5 hours.  There were not too many issues regarding the Air Canada strike, but the managers working the front line jobs don’t have a lot of experience.  I was lucky I double checked my baggage tags as the guy didn’t check my bags all the way through to Dar Es Salaam.  I would have arrived there and my bags would have still been in Cairo!  Lucky catch.

Flight was smooth, just not much sleep.  Had 3 hour stop over in London, but that goes quick by the time you get through Heathrow Airport to your connection gate.

 Glad to be finally on the way though.  A fair bit of planning and organizing to get things set  for the trip, and to make sure things are taken care of while I’m gone, as I’ll be away for a full month.  Two weeks of camps in Dar Es Salaam, then some vacation time to climb Kilimanjaro, and an extended stopover to see the Pyramids on the way back. 

It should be a fun trip, not to mention a great opportunity to make some connections, and hopefully open an avenue to get some recruits to Memorial.

= = = = =

As an indication of the preparation, here is a list of the vaccinations and medication I’ve had to get prior to leaving:

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination (Mandatory for anyone entering Tanzania)
  • Hepatitis A & B (Twinrix #3 of 3)
  • MMII (Rubella) Vaccination
  • Typhoid Injectable – Typhim VI
  • Dukoral – Travelers Diarrhea and Cholera Prevention
  • Malaria Medication (Have to take 2 days prior to travel, then everyday during travel and 7 days upon return)
  • Cipro – General Antibiotic

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