Mid Week Update

Wednesday, June 22 2011

Three days of camp down. Things are going well and getting lots of positive feedback from the camp so far. I’m very impressed with how hard the kids are working, and how well they are listening, despite the language barrier. But most can understand English pretty well, and I find that Basketball is a universal language, so most times you can figure out what someone wants you to do.
Focused a lot on defense today, and then put them through a body weight workout at the end of the day. They will be pretty sore tomorrow for sure.
I had some guys up in the weightroom at lunchtime as well. Weightlifting is not a common thing to do here. I don’t believe there are many weightrooms in Tanzania. And then access to them would be limited as most kids probably wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Yesterday we gave them a TOEFL exam, to see where guys were with respect to English on a written level. If we are going to look at possible recruits to Memorial, they will have to pass an English Proficiency exam in order to get accepted. Thankfully Daryl was able to arrange it, since that is exactly what TANSao does for kids to help them get prepared for University.
Unfortunately, the results for most were not that great. Going to be one of the challenges I think, that and financial resources. But there were a few that did really well, and I’m optimistic.
Not a great deal else going on. Not a whole lot to do in Dar, plus pretty tired by the evenings. Since it’s the winter months here, it gets dark pretty early at night…around 6pm…and its recommend not to go walking around a whole lot at night here. Looking forward to going to Zanzibar on the weekend. There’s a coach of a club team there coming to the camp tomorrow, and I’m going to go to Zanzibar with him on the weekend. Going to check out his club on Saturday, and perhaps give a 2 hour session there.

Will also give me a chance to explore Zanzibar…so I’m looking forward to that.


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