Random Thoughts and Musings

  • Airconditioning is a Godsend. Would be extremely hard to sleep at night without it. And we are in the middle of Winter here! Over 30 degrees everyday.
  • Little tiny ants everywhere. Barely noticeable. Crawl over everything. I hope they are good eating…hard not to.
  • Hard to get clean. Washing in dirty water all the time. recommended not to brush your teeth with the tap water.
  • Garbage: recycling doesn’t exist here
  • Walking at night, not recommended
  • Food is surprisingly good…but certainly not huge portions of meat! We have lunch provided, lots of rice and beans, and pretty tasty.
  • Beer is not that bad. Mostly Lagers, Safari, Castle, Ndovu, Redd’s, Tusker, Serengheti, Kilimanjaro
  • Security guards everywhere. Higher end buildings employ the Masaai, a warrior tribe that people apparently won’t mess with.
  • Charging Kids $10 for the full week of camp, which includes lunches, and water.
  • Most houses have containers of water, that you have to get filled up from a water delivery truck. I’m lucky, I’m staying in the same area the embassy’s are on…and they are hooked up to a main line.
  • Gecko’s. Apparently quite common, and not uncommon to have 100 of them in your living room crawling around on the walls and ceiling. Thats what I was told…i’ve only seen one, but apparently this house has been sprayed thoroughly. People usually don’t mind them as they become a natural mosquito control.
  • Tanzania apparently is the only country in the world with two presidents. Tanzania was formed in 1964, joing the mainland Tanganyika with the island Zanzibar. Under the consitituion, Zanzibar maintains its own president.
  • Experienced my first power outage today. Was at the gym and lights went out during a tunderstorm. Outages quite common here…as the infratructure is not in place to handle the demands.
  • Not many playgrounds here. Kids don’t get much opportunity for free play…unless its soccer.¬† Most kids would not own their own basketball.
  • Kids listen extremely well…and pretty much no complaining.
  • Hasn’t been too bad of a challenge dealing with the language issues. Most people understand english, even if they don’t speak it.
  • Have to catch myself sometimes when I say: “take care of your bodies, get a good meal, wear good socks, get a good nights sleep” etc. Many can’t get a good meal at home, some for sure sleep outside at night. So I have to catch myself talking about things I normally would, things we take for granted in North America. Some kids couldn’t even afford the $10 for the week of camp.
  • Camp Cheer: “Mambo – Skills for Life – SeaHawks!”
  • Been able to do my Crossfit workouts. having a weightroom in the school works out extremely well. Was concerned I’ld be a full month without doing anything.
  • Lots of bats here. Seem to do a migration overhead everynight. Good to have around as well as they eat mosquitos.


Outdoor gym at IST

Cleaning the Indoor Court


Kibaha Park

Making a new court

French Fry Omlette!


Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School


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