VP Tanzanian Basketball Federation makes a visit

Thursday, June 23 2011

Second last day of camp. Was a regular day, and the camp went well. The Vice President of Tanzanian basketball dropped by, Mgessa Phares, and took some time to speak to the group. Bahati had been trying to get them involved and to drop by the camp…so it was very good that they did.
After camp had finished for the day, ended up playing some 3 on 3 with Bahati, Gidibo, Kaballah, a buddy of Bhahati’s, and one of the young kids Charles. We won 8 games to 1. I don’t think t hey were too happy. Funny how there is always lots of arguing, and I just laugh to myself and don’t say a word.

Got home about 6 and Daryl and I decided to go out for a bite to eat. Went to the African Spur, a steak place and had a pretty good meal. Curious thing was that they do Country Line dancing whenever someone has a birthday. Worth the laugh to watch all these Tanzanians line dancing!!


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I am the men's basketball coach at Memorial University.
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