St. Constantine’s BBall Session and Maasai Village Tour

Saturday, July 2 2011

On Saturday I woke up feeling somewhat better. I took some of my ciprofaloxacin general antibiotic the night before, and that seems to have done the trick and settled my stomach down a bit.

I had arranged a bball clinic and St. Constantine’s Internation School here in Arusha. Daryl had put me in contact with Peter Luis, who coaches a girls team in Monduli, and through him and the Sports Master at St. Constantines, William Twig, we managed to get some time on the court. It was a bit last minute, so they were not expecting a great deal of kids, but we had a good turnout for boys as well as girls.

Peter brought his team down from Monduli. Its a Maasai village and the girls were all in uniform. Peter is from California and has been in Tanzania for 6 years. He actually built the school in Monduli and runs things there. The school has been open for 3 years and now Peter is in the midst of building a basketball court there! He is an amazing guy and seems to have a big passion for helping the people there. He speaks fluent Swahili but his main focus is to help improve the english of the kids in the village.

We ran the session from 9am till about 12pm and then Peter offered to take me back to Monduli to show me the school and to check out the village. It was great experience to see the village and Peter is pretty proud of the school and the programs they are being offered there. He had just spent 2 months back in the US fundraising for the school.

He is also loves to talk basketball. Looks like a pretty good player himself, he is excited to get his girls team more time on the court, and has expressed interest in partnering with me with any of these types of events in the future. So was a great opportunity to establish the connection there. Not alone the culture experience of seeing an actual Maasai village.

Peter’s new basketball Court in Monduli!

Getting a tour from Edward and the bball girls.

In front of Edward’s room at his home. The traditional huts are called Boma’s. Edward has his own. There is also seperate one for cooking.

Edward explaining how they collect rain water and store it.

Coach Peter Luis taking it easy.

After the tour, Peter took me to a local restaurant where he had arranged a meal to be cooked for us. Always difficult finding a place where the food is washed in clean water and safe to eat, especially for foreigners as we haven’t built up the tolerence to the bacteria. However, the food was actually awesome, and as I had my appetite back, was glad to have the chance at a good meal. We also had a good chance to relax and chat about some of the challenges and differences here in Tanzania, and about some of the possibilites together for the future.

After lunch, I took a cab back to Arusha, as Monduli was about an hour west of Arusaha. On the way back, we got flagged down my a couple of girls that were looking for a taxi back to Arusha. It turned out that one girl was from Fredericton, New Brunswick and the other girl was from Vancouver. Small world for sure…the girl from Fredericton actually knew Manny Wilby, who had played for me a couple of years ago!! They were both here volunteering at orphanages for two months, and getting some travel in on the side.


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