Last day of Boys Camp

Friday, June 24 2011
Had a good day to finish off the last day of camp. Got up early to pack my things for Zanzibar…and managed to get down to the IST early enough to get a workout in.
We started camp with the 1 on 1 pyramid to finish that off. That went well and it came down to a game between Amos and Rico to determine the champion. Wasn’t a pretty game, lots of missed shots, but both played extremely hard and I had all the other campers sit and watch them. So was pretty good.
Then we gave out the T-Shirts out. We decided to give them out on the last day, and Bahati thought they would lose them, or wouldn’t bring them back. Was a bit awkward, as kids were dropping by different days in the week, and some only for 1 day…and we didn’t have enough t-shirts for everyone. Managed to work it out, giving the extra kids a mambo basketball shirt.
Then we took some pictures. After the pictures, we let them play 5 on 5 for the res to the time. Gave me a chance to talk with some of the guys about hteir situation.
Also, the Director of Basketball Operations of Dar Es Salaam basketball Association dropped by, as well as the Vice President. So good to see that they are recognize the camp, and Bahati’s effort to increase the level of Basketball in Tanzania, and his efforts to expose the kids to scholarship opportunities.
We clued up camp at 11:30…and took some time to explain to the kids the process and everything they have to do. We also gave back the TOEFL scores, then named the kids that we wanted to come back for scrimmages next week.
Everything got clued up around 12:30 then I went back home to get everything together for the trip. Gidibo had bought me a ticket, and I was to get a cab and meet him at the ferry terminal. It’s a 2 hour ferry ride to Zanzibar…and Gidibo is booking a hotel for me there. He is also going to set up a workout with his club tomorrow, so looking forward to that as well.
Have a good weekend!

Group Shot with T-Shirts!

Group invited back for next week scrimmages

Jolvin, Rico, Bahati, me, David

Me and Idrissa – upcoming star!

Murshid and Rico


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